Basement Remodel Process

We see your basement as an extension of your home.

Have you ever walked into a basement that feels like a whole other world — separate and apart from the rest of the home it’s in?

At Basement Finish Plus, our philosophy is that your basement should be completely cohesive with your other living spaces. That means similar finishes, trim, colors, and more — and of course, the functionality you need for the way you live. This approach ensures that you, your family, and your guests will feel just as welcome and comfortable here, as in any other part of your home. Adversely, if your dream is something completely different than the rest of the house. We can accommodate.

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Our Basement Finising Process

We work with you every step of the way

1. Free Visit and Consultation

We want to see the space we’re talking about, well before we order materials and start working – and before we give you an estimate, too. We’ll come get a feel for the space, take detailed measurements, and discuss the details of how you’d like to use your finished basement.

2. We Draw a Floor Plan & Provide An Estimate

We’ll do CAD drawings of our design plan, to demonstrate where each necessary space will be located, how traffic will flow, and the overall aesthetic look and feel of your space. We will develop an estimate and present the expected costs.

3. Client Feedback

Let us know what changes need to be made to our plan, and we’ll make modifications accordingly.

4. Sign Contract

At this point, we’ll agree on costs, establish a starting date, submit permits, and order materials.

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